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Children without Borders

The mission of Children without Borders is to:

  • Cultivate and invest in children everything that is creative, constructive, and industrious.
  • Empower and enhance the vision of children towards the concepts of peace, coexistence, and gender equality.
  • Expose children to new experiences in their own life, and that of other children living in other parts of the world.

 In Children without Borders, we seek to emphasize the emergence of what we tend to call our “Six C's” Critical Thinking, Creativity, Cooperation, Co-Existence, Commitment and Courage.

Thus Children without Borders seeks to ensure a mental, moral and physical empowerment of children living in the different cites of the Holy Land. Given the political, economical and social circumstances in the Holy Land, children tend to be the most victimized and dispersed. Our program includes children who live within and outside the Apartheid Wall. Its main target is to send children equipped with a wider vision, firm will, and steadfast faith to a time where they become the men of their age; an age where these same children become men who think critically, communicate willingly, co-exist peacefully, act creatively, and cooperate fruitfully.

“I believe that inside each of us, a child most innocently resides. At certain moments in our lives and in the middle of the road, we need others to stand by us, give us support, and even lift us with a sense of a sheltered embrace. Simultaneously, in order to expose our children to the humane significance of peace, benevolence, co-existence, and cooperation, each should take an inner journey that seeks to find the desolate child residing inside. That child who enjoys a fraternity that is free of barriers, an existence free of offense, and a survival free of self-centeredness. By doing so, we will eventually break down all borders that veil the hero child who vigorously inhibits our souls, and thus give pace in the future for Children with Borders to become men without Borders”.                       Fr. Ibrahim Faltas, OFM Director of Children without Borders in Bethlehem.

The program targets children in the Holy Land whose families are affected by housing and living conditions, drug addiction, shattered family relationships and lack of space and cultural facilities. These conditions are prevalent in Jerusalem particularly the Old City and the cities under the Palestinian Authority, mostly enclosed by the Wall.

Children Without Borders provides a safe and educational environment for children after school.  It also provides the opportunity for these children to discover the talent given to them by God. Each month, each of the branches below arranges its own private activities which range from picnics to tournaments, social visits, Championships, participating in local activities…

 Gaza, which presents a very difficult situation especially for children, is now benefiting from CWB programs.  More than 75 children are spending constructive time and receiving soccer training by 3 coaches.  In spite of war, siege, deprivation and persecution, CWB is offering some time of peace, liberty, and love to Gaza children.

 Jericho is CWB’s and Jenin (North) are two new branches where more than 120 children, supervised by 4 coaches are getting training sessions in the Terra Sancta School playground. 

 Jerusalem, the initial branch, including its two sub branches of the Old City and Beit Hanina have more than 300 children and Bethlehem, also an initial branch has over 120 participants with 3 coaches, 3 assistant coaches and various volunteers.

A new program was launched for young girls entitled “the Folkloric Dance Dabkeh” group, which has positioned itself on the national level. Its Football Teams and their other activities all reflect its sacred mission for children, thanks to the sponsorship of the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land who is funding and supporting the program. The cost of each child per year is $500.00 which the Custos, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa has asked the Foundation to fund for each of these children. If you would like to contribute to this effort, simply choose the “Children without Borders” fund in the online donation or click here.



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